In 2006, Mr. Mohd. Sameer created a family business that re-invented men’s ethnic wear category. During the course of its evolution, it became synonymous with wedding wear. A one stop store for grooms and men of the family for functions big and small. As more and more variety was added to the range, the brand became popular for occasion wear – from weddings to festivals, Diwali,Id. Etc.

Sahab has, over the years built its reputation as the creators of fashion, which goes beyond the set boundaries to create extraordinariness out of the ordinary. And the consummating effect brims with such elegance that it deserves to be captured eternally in a frame.

Today, The acceptance of Sahab as a high profile men’s wear brand is ascertained by its wide presence not only in India but also beyond the national frontiers. Even with international brands mushrooming all over, Sahab has successfully maneuvered its way to the top. Within India, Sahab caters to the the society through its three mega- showrooms and a chain of outlets in all the major cities across the expanse of the country. Not to deprive their NRI fans across the globe, Sahab has established its presence in London along with an increasing global market share through exports. Sahab journey to the top has been bolstered by the unflinching standards of their services. At Sahab, expect nothing but the best because only perfection can match your uniqueness.

When Sahab put up its signboard over four decades ago, India awakened to a new dawn of fashion. Clothes for men  took on new silhouettes, new colours, new fabrics, and naturally, new patrons. Sahab love affair with fashion endured as much as it intensified. From menswear , from ethnic chic to western sensibilities, the association with glamour only deepened with the years. The expanding horizon very soon encompassed jewellery and hi-fashion accessories. Branches, franchisees and exclusive outlets in lifestyle stores reemphasised the pervasiveness of Sahab on the fashionscape of the country.